Business Case TRANSACCA

Introduction to the TRANSACCA case study

You are OCEAN NAVAL SYSTEMS employees and you are to deliver TRANSACCA a commercial offer for a major consulting project, further to a request you received from Sam Miller, the TRANSACCA Marketing Vice- president.

The different steps you are going to encounter are: analyse the requirements, study the solutions, draw-up the proposition and submit the offer to obtain the customer signature of committment to this project.

This is a fake study based on situations you are likely to confront in your professional life. We encourage you to listen carefully to the customer, show creativity, imagine appealing solutions, compose an offer, highlight the business value and finally develop a trusting relationship with the customer.

You have to fulfill the case study objectives and provide project status to the OCEAN NAVAL SYSTEMS Project Director during the duration of the project.

To do this you need to contribute to the team effort. Your team must reach their objectives: each member has to perform the tasks under his/her responsibilty and support his/her team results.