We cooperate with many foreign universities. Engineering students can participate in exchange programs in Europe, the United States, Canada, China, South Korea, Thailand or Vietnam. In Europe, we have agreements with over 200 universities in 25 countries. We welcomed in 2008-2009 nearly 200 students of foreign nationality of a total of 1,000 students.

Studying abroad:

Effectuer une mobilité à l’étranger durant son cursus d'ingénieur est profitable à bien des égards, sur les plans professionnel, scientifique, technique,  linguistique et  personnel. L’élève-ingénieur en mobilité développe ses capacités d’adaptation, d’initiative, d’autonomie, de communication interculturelle en plus de que ses competences scientifiques et techniques. Par cette mobilité  internationale, il développe une forte valeur ajoutée en terme d’insertion professionnelle.

We require our students to have all "significant experience abroad" during their studies. This exigency is required to qualify for obtaining engineering degree from the promotion 2009-2010. We offer the possibility to validate the international experience by making trips abroad during their studies through academic exchange (one or two semesters at a partner university) or during an internship company, preferably in the field of study of engineering students (lasting 2 to 6 months).

Incoming students:

If your university has a bilateral agreement with Polytech Nice-Sophia, you can study for one or two semesters with us. Credits you during your stay validate study will be transferred to your university and will be integrated into your academic results.

You can take all the courses taught in English, if you have the necessary prerequisites. For students with a good level of French and prerequisites, you can follow the course of the school.